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Andre Gisiger is Founder of Ivy League English (ILE), a leading online education platform established in Shanghai in 2009.

''ILE is a game-changer," says Andre. 

The company delivers online training using a online platform which combines great trainers from North America and tailored sessions to users in China. 

The main benefit is not having to bring trainers to China. They can work from the comfort of their homes. Some trainers work from rural areas in California or New England, and they have an expertise that is required and needed in China. 

The customers sit in China, maybe in Shanghai, Dalian, or the South, Guangdong. ILE can match the right teachers with the right customers. 

The platform enables clients to manage their learning experiences online as well. They can book sessions from their computer, laptop, tablet, then take sessions with those tools. 

"The fact that we offer them in small groups, from 1 on 1 to a group of 4, means you can actually practice and get feedback from a native speaker. That’s very valuable if you are to develop skills, get more comfortable and improve your performance," adds Andre. 

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