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Young Chinese professionals are pragmatic, explains Andre Gisiger, Founder of Ivy League English (ILE). 

They want to learn English as a way to progress in their careers and personal lives. International managers should pay attention and provide suitable training opportunities.

"Chinese culture really emphasises learning, training and education in general. Of course, the Chinese are also very pragmatic," says Andre. 

They want to learning English, for example, not to read Shakespeare for most of them. It is because they find English a core skill to advance their career, to make more money and have a better life. 

That’s what really matters to them. 

"If that’s what they want, that is what we should deliver," says Andre. "That means not telling them you should learn first general English, then maybe business English, then maybe work on skills." His aim is to integrate these, understand the individual's needs and tailor a solution to that person.

In other words, to make sure they can acquire these skills, practice these skills, and get comfortable with these skills as fast as possible.

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